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Cavities and minor dental fractures can often be repaired with a simple dental filling. This is meant to restore the tooth’s basic function for many years to come. As the years go by, the natural bacteria in your mouth can gradually start to weaken the dental filling’s bond with the surrounding tooth enamel. This is even more likely to occur if you don’t brush and floss regularly or you have a bad habit of putting off your routine dental exam at Michael R. Mullen D.D.S.

As this starts to happen the tooth might become increasingly sensitive. This might also be accompanied by a change in color, texture, or discomfort when biting down. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should have the tooth examined by Dr. Michael Mullen.

A thorough examination of the tooth will be taken to assess the severity of the problem. Then your dentist will present you with the most applicable treatment method. This could call for removing the old dental filling and replacing it with a slightly larger one. If a significant amount of tooth enamel has been compromised or a new cavity has developed in the nearby tooth enamel, Dr. Michael Mullen might recommend treating the tooth with a dental crown.

If you live in the El Paso, Texas, area and you are experiencing distress or discomfort in one of your dental fillings, you should not delay in calling 915-593-1900 to have it examined and treated at Michael R. Mullen D.D.S.