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The human tongue contains many ridges and contours in which plaque and bacteria can be missed during a normal cleaning. People who have dentures can benefit from making sure to incorporate a tongue cleaning routine to get rid of bacteria and also freshen their breath.

It’s easy to clean off the tongue. Just be sure to brush it off after you’re done cleaning your dentures. While using a non-abrasive toothpaste, go over the tongue with the toothbrush using a slow circular motion. After you finish brushing the top of the tongue, go over the sides of it as well as the tip. Doing this helps rid your mouth of bacteria and also gives you fresh breath.

Some people also use a tongue scraper to clean their tongue. A tongue scraper has an edge at one end that is used on the tongue and a small handle for you to hold while going over the tongue. To use, simply go over the tongue with the edge of the scraper and be sure to avoid overlapping on the same area too many times. If a buildup starts to form on the blade, wash it off before going back over the tongue.

After the tongue is cleaned, you should use an antiseptic mouthwash to clean out bacteria that may have been missed while brushing. An antiseptic mouthwash will also give you fresher breath.

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