Composite fillings are a popular alternative for the treatment of cavities.

If you have a cavity on a tooth that is easily visible to other people, or if you are uncomfortable with the idea of a metal or amalgam filling, you may want to talk to Dr. Michael Mullen about having your cavity treated with a composite filling in El Paso, Texas.

Composite fillings are very popular for two reasons. They bond directly to the surface of the tooth, and they can be shaded to blend in with rest of your tooth, making the filling virtually unnoticeable to other people.

The composite is a mixture of a resin and powdered glass. The dentist will shade the composite to match your tooth and then remove the decayed tissue. The composite is placed in layers in the cavity, and each layer is cured before the next one is added. The filling will then be polished to help strengthen it and make it stain resistant. However, while the technology behind composite fillings continues to improve they can still be stained over time by what you eat and drink. But one advantage of a composite filling is that if it starts to wear away, the dentist can strengthen it by adding layers to the filling.

If you would like to know more about the advantages of composite fillings, or if you have a cavity that needs to be treated, call our office at 915-593-1900 to schedule your appointment.