A Procera® crown can give you a restoration that looks and feels natural.

Cracked or broken teeth can affect your appearance. Moreover, a damaged tooth can be painful and can allow bacteria to penetrate the tooth, leading to tooth decay or infected tooth pulp. That in turn could require a root canal or even an extraction. If you have a damaged tooth, a dental crown is a great way to restore its function and protect it from further damage. At Michael R. Mullen D.D.S. we offer Procera® dental crowns in El Paso, Texas.

Procera crowns are often used by the dentist to restore and protect a tooth that has been severely compromised by trauma or disease. Although dental crowns are made from different materials, Procera crowns have the advantage of being made completely of porcelain and they look more natural than other types of crowns because no metal is visible once the crown is cemented in place. Procera crowns are also semi-translucent and allow some light to pass through. This helps the tooth to look more lifelike, when compared to other types of crowns.

Procera crowns are preferred by some people because the porcelain makes them more compatible with the human body. If you have any kind of allergic reaction to metal, then a Procera crown may be perfect for you. And, once your Procera crown is in place, it should feel just like a natural tooth.

If one of your teeth needs repair, we would love to see you, and tell you more about Procera crowns. Give our office a call today at 915-593-1900 to schedule your appointment.