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Wanting a white, beautiful smile is a common desire. After all, when you have a brilliant smile, your confidence in social situations rises, you perform better at work, and you’re more likely to make more friends.

The sad thing is, though, that too few people know how to keep their smile from becoming discolored. That’s why we’ve gathered the advice of Dr. Michael Mullen to help you understand what to do in order to keep your smile as white and beautiful as possible.

Avoid coffee and tobacco

While it’s obvious for other health reasons that you need to avoid tobacco, coffee is one of the leading causes of staining teeth. If you consume it on a regular basis and don’t brush very well, you’ll end up with coffee stains that can be tricky to get rid of. It’s fine to have a cup once in a while, but regular use can mar your smile.

Use whitening toothpaste

While it’s not as effective as in-office whitening by Dr. Michael Mullen, whitening toothpaste will do a lot to keep your smile at an acceptable level of color. Brushing twice a day with this type of toothpaste will ensure that your smile stays white as long as you’re doing everything else you need to in order to keep it brilliant and sparkling.

There’s no reason to wait on improving your smile. Start doing the tips above today, and if you need more help with getting a white smile, call us today at 915-593-1900 to schedule an appointment.