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Even if you were practicing optimum oral health care and cleaning your teeth daily, it is possible for the dental pulp to become damaged. Whether you suffer an oral accident or injury or sustain microscopic damage you cannot see, it is possible for bacteria to enter a tooth and infect your pulp. If the pulp becomes infected, it may need to be extracted via root canal therapy. Typical causes for infected dental pulp include the following:

– Oral accidents or injuries are an extremely widespread cause of root exposure and pulp damage.
– Injuries can occur to your tooth enamel either suddenly or over time on a microscopic level and make your pulp susceptible to infection.
– Teeth that have undergone several dental procedures are often worn down to the point that they are extremely vulnerable to pulp infection.
– If your tooth enamel has eroded to the point that a cavity is present, you will be at an increased risk for pulp damage.

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