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It’s never too late to take the necessary steps to enjoy your oral health care and keep it in excellent condition. This includes attending your dental routine checkup examination while maintaining a superior oral hygiene routine and improving your diet.

Your teeth will wear down as you age, which means there are numerous procedures you need to take to ensure your teeth can thrive for as long as you do. Always make sure you are using safe and effective tools when brushing and flossing your teeth daily. This includes brushes that are soft bristled, toothpaste that is not too abrasive, and dental floss that will not shred upon use.

In addition, always use cleaning utensils that can be used without having too many difficulties. If you have any muscle or nerve pain, or joint pain, try switching to alternative cleaning utensils such as electric toothbrushes or water flossers. Brush your teeth at least twice daily and floss your teeth at least once a day. Also, if you have dentures, remove them and clean them on a daily basis to keep them in excellent condition and you in optimal health.

If you are struggling with your diet, it can affect your overall health. Always make sure you’re eating smart foods and avoiding harmful foods including sugar. In addition, your teeth can be weak and brittle as you age, so it is important to avoid hard snacks such as popcorn kernels or chewing on ice. If you bite into these products, they can easily chip and crack your teeth.

Don’t get left in the dark by having poor oral hygiene without aging dental health treatments. If you would like Dr. Michael Mullen and our team at Michael R. Mullen D.D.S. to give you a dental exam to determine if aging dental health treatments are right for you, please set up an appointment at our dentist office in El Paso, Texas, by calling us at 915-593-1900.